Code of Ethics

With Corporate project
“Ethics and Compliance” Artemide wanted to confirm its efforts as a company of ethics and social responsibility.

The Identity of Our group is historically based upon Values that through the years have been pursued and absorbed by all of us; the same values that have made possible the enrichment and consolidate our “company culture”.

The together of rules from which our company values grow is clearly normative in order to prevent wrong doings, they have been formalized in the company organizational structure, in which the ethics code is the core, adopted in 2016 by the Administrative Council of Artemide S.P.A.

The ethical code is diffused in a way the makes it available to all Artemide employees. Each individual is reminded of the personal responsibility to which he has been entrusted with, in order to ensure a normative process.

Ernesto Gismondi
Founder Artemide Group