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Code of Ethics

Artemide’s “Ethics and Compliance” corporate project, promoted by its founder Ernesto Gismondi with the first Code of Ethics in 2008, was intended to confirm its commitment to a role as an ethical and socially responsible company.

“Our Group’s identity is historically based on that set of values that have been, over the years, pursued and protected by all of us; those same values that have allowed us to strengthen and enrich our corporate culture.”
Ernesto Gismondi, Artemide’s founder, 2016

“The essence of Artemide has remained consistent over the years: a commitment to looking forward and innovating, inspired by the teachings of Ernesto Gismondi. This involves embracing courage, visionary spirit, curiosity, dedication, and a solid foundation of expertise to bring the future into the present.
The principles enshrined in our Code of Ethics are among the values that guide Artemide’s outlook in planning and in doing business in a correct, transparent and attentive manner.
Our commitment is to spread “good light”.”
Carlotta de Bevilacqua, Artemide’s President and CEO, 2024

The Code of Ethics is circulated so that it can be consulted by all Artemide employees. Each individual is reminded of his or her personal responsibilities to which the effectiveness of this regulatory process is entrusted.